Printing current Sage CRM Screens to PDF

By | August 27, 2014

Recently we came across a requirement from one of our customer who has migrated from SalesForce to Sage CRM and they were looking for functionality like SalesForce in Sage CRM too; where they wish to print any Sage CRM screen in PDF format on a single click. Here I am going to show you a simple and impressive solution, which not only enables the user to convert any Sage CRM screen to PDF and Print, but it also works for all web pages opening on browser.
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Here I am showing you the functionality for Chrome Browser and similar options are also available for other popular browsers as well:
Step 1: Click on following link to open it on Chrome Browser:
Step 2: It opens below screen where you need to click highlighted button to add print option to your chrome browser:
Step 3: As you click on “Free” button and add it to browser’s toolbar you can see a Print button gets added on the right top corner of the screen:
Now above button enables various settings which help you to print current web page by converting it to PDF on a single click.
Here you can see how Sage CRM screen looks on PDF when you click on above Print Icon:
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