Using LinkedIn widgets on Sage CRM screens

By | October 9, 2014

Social media enables us to build stronger relationships with customers. This allows us to gain more information about our customers and their business needs. Sage CRM 7.2 has various social media integration features. LinkedIn is one of the social media which is not completely integrated yet. Though some features are added. Below are some of the blogs we have written on this topic.
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Now we always keep on exploring the new areas where integration can be extended. One such scenario was to bring Customer’s LinkedIn page info on customer summary screen. Here is how the linked in widget can be configured on person summary screen to achieve this.
Copy the below script in the create script of the pers_lastname field of PersonBoxLong screen.
Caption = CRM.GetTrans(“colnames”,”pers_lastname”)+”:”;
var strLinkedInProfileURL = “”
if (Values(“act”)==220 || Values(“act”)==520)
var strProfileURL = “<script src=’’ type=’text/javascript’></SCRIPT>”;
strProfileURL +=”<script type=’IN/MemberProfile’ data-id='”+strLinkedInProfileURL+”‘ data-format=’hover’></SCRIPT>”
Caption += strProfileURL;
In the above script you have to add the Public LinkedIn Profile URL in strProfileURL variable. You can create a field on person summary screen to capture the public Linked in profile URL. I have hardcoded URL above for demonstration purpose.
After adding above script you can view the contact details of Person as displayed in below image by clicking on the “in” button above last name.
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