Sage Accpac ERP integration with Sage SalesLogix CRM using GUMU

By | April 11, 2011
Greytrix has released GUMU™ for Sage Saleslogix – Sage Accpac Integration for Sage Saleslogix version 7.5 and Sage Accpac version 5.6. This is a real time bi directional integration between Sage Saleslogix and Accpac Integration. We also integrate Sage SalesLogix with Sage Pro ERP & Sage 50 Accounts (Line 50)
Multiple Company Integration – GUMU™ for Sage Saleslogix – Accpac Integration allows you to integrate multiple Accpac companies with a single Sage SLX instance. Hence using a single Sage SLX instance you can manage more than one Accpac companies.
Salesperson Mapping
Sales Person Mapping helps the SalesLogix Administrator to map the SalesLogix users with Accpac ERP Salespersons. Here SalesLogix User will be mapped with its respective Salesperson code available in Accpac ERP.

Sync Dropdowns
Sync Dropdowns feature allows SalesLogix User to sync dropdowns (i.e. Tax Group, Location, Pricelist etc) from Accpac ERP in SalesLogix for Order entry integration purpose. The following dropdown fields will be synchronized from Accpac ERP in SalesLogix.
a. Tax Groups
b. Payment Terms
c. Order Type
d. Ship Via
e. Location
f. UOM
g. Price List
h. Product Family & Product

Sync Customers & Vendors
This will synchronize all/selected Customer/Vendor information from Accpac ERP in SalesLogix. It will create new Accounts in SalesLogix if the selected Customers/Vendors do not exist in SalesLogix.
Security Settings
GUMU™ will make use of Function Security in SalesLogix by defining Roles for each of the feature presented in the integration link. This is basically provided in order to allow/restrict respective SalesLogix Users to access the integrated information synched from Accpac ERP in SalesLogix. The following roles will be created in SalesLogix to restrict SalesLogix Users from accessing information available in the GUMU tabs.
Role to Access Overall Integration link
b. a. Role to view Customer/Vendor Information
c. b. Role to edit Customer/Vendor Information in Accpac ERP (i.e. real time from SalesLogix)
R. c. Role to Promote SalesLogix Accounts to Accpac Customers/Vendors
e d. Role to view Customer/Vendor Aging –Statistics
e. Role to view Order Inquiry for Accpac Customers/Vendors
g. f. Role to view Transactions of Accpac Customers/Vendors
h. g. Role to Create Orders for Accpac Customers
Customer/Vendor Tab
This tab will display Address, Contact, Processing, Invoicing, Optional Field information of a particular Customer/Vendor from Accpac ERP. If a SalesLogix Account is not synched OR linked with an Accpac Customer/Vendor, by-default the Customer/Vendor Tab will display the Address & Contact information of that particular Account.
Customer/Vendor – Aging and Statistics Tab
Customer/Vendor – Aging and Statistics Tab will display the Credit information as well as aging report if the SalesLogix Account is Synched/Linked to a Customer/Vendor in Accpac ERP. Aging will be calculated according to Document Due Date.
Orders Tab
The Orders Tab will display the Order information of a Customer/Vendor Account in SalesLogix. This tab will be active if the SalesLogix Account is Synched/Linked to a Customer/Vendor in Accpac ERP. The Orders tab will display order information like Active orders, Standing orders, Future orders and Quotes. The following screen will give you a gist of how the Orders tab will look like for a particular Customer/Vendor Account in SalesLogix.
Promoting SalesLogix Order to Accpac ERP
Order entry integration is one of the major features which will be introduced in our GUMUTM integration link where SalesLogix User would be able to promote Sales Order from SalesLogix in Accpac ERP. For that purpose, the SalesLogix Sales Order Details screen will be modified to have some of the field information (please refer the sections marked in Red Boxes in below screen) which are of vital importance when one promotes Order in Accpac ERP.
Once the necessary information is entered on the Sales Order screen in SalesLogix, User can promote the respective Sales Order by clicking on Promote Order option as shown in the below screen. Warning message will be displayed if the Customer is On Hold or Customer Credit Limit exceeds in Accpac in such case user can cancel the order promotion.
While promoting an Order in Accpac ERP, if that particular option is checked in Accpac, GUMU™ will display an O/E Credit Check screen (please refer the below screen) where SalesLogix User will need to enter necessary information to authorize the Credit Limit for a particular Customer and then need to click on the Proceed button to process the Order.
Once the Order is successfully promoted in Accpac, GUMU™ updates certain information (i.e. marked in Red boxes in below screen) back in SalesLogix.
GUMU for Saleslogix-Accpac is also integrated with SLX web client. So now you will be able to view the Accpac data in SLX over the web. Lookout for the next blog.

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