Database To Database Integration in SAGE 300 ERP

By | May 25, 2015

In our previous blogs which are related to integration, you can notice that all are related to import – export process. Previously for entering a data in the program, we needed to co-ordinate between the data files like excel, xml or text and then input the same in the program and create an entry into Sage 300 ERP. These types of integrations are totally dependent on the data file. Until and unless we will not get the file, our integration will not work. In short these types of integrations are dependent on other program.
To avoid those dependencies Sage 300 ERP come up with a new concept which is “Database to Database Integration”.
Database Integration simply means maintaining relation between two different databases, so that changes in one database will get reflected in the other. Recently we have done database to database integration for one of our client.
Here is a brief idea about our custom integration program:
What configurations need to do?
1.Add server of other system’s database into the Linked Server of SQL.
2.Create the virtual table (SQL view) for fetching the required data from both the database.
3.User will have config file in which the error log path & other required details will be added.
How database to database integration works?
1.Recently we have done this type of integration for PO Receipt Entry in Sage. To facilitate this, we have provided a User Interface for users to select the filter criteria, parameter required for Entry & verify the data which is fetching from linked database. Please find the below screen shot for more clarification.
New Stuff:Unit of Measure and Conversion Factor in Sage 300 ERP
2.Once the user has completed the verification of data, he needs to click the Import button shown in above screen shot.
3.After clicking the import button, our program will check the data which is required for Sage 300 ERP entry & simultaneously PO receipt entry will get generated in the system.
4.Once the import process is over, user will get the message for checking the log file for more clarification. Please refer the below screen shot.
In the same way, we can also integrate the other entries in Sage 300 ERP through database to database integration.
This integration will reduce the efforts of other system’s user who will export the data into the files.
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