Greytrix TDS for Sage ACCPAC ERP now with Manual TDS Entry

By | August 1, 2011
Greytrix has developed a module in Sage Accpac ERP to handle withholding tax [termed as TDS, Tax Deducted at Source] in INDIAN localization.

The Greytrix TDS module for Sage ACCPAC ERP automatically calculates TDS amount on the document and deducts the TDS while the posting is done. In some cases it happens that the user misses out some of the document from deduction, and as the posting completes it becomes difficult for the user to deduct the TDS on posted document.
Vice versa it also happens when the user deducts the TDS but finds that the deduction amount needs to be changed or reset to zero.

Thus to overcome this , we at Greytrix India Pvt. Ltd. are proud to present one of the most awaited features “Manual TDS Entry” with the Greytrix Add-on TDS module for all the editions of Sage ACCPAC ERP.

Manual TDS entry is a feature used to modify TDS related information after posting AP batches. Using this facility, one can hit the TDS Register.
One can change following things using Manual TDS Entry:
1. Can override the TDS Base Amount
2. Can mark “Apply TDS” ON or OFF
3. Can change NOD code
4. Can change Fiscal year
5. Can change Due Date.
6. Can change Branch code.
The Manual TDS Entry is applicable for the below mentioned document types:
1. Invoice
2. Debit Note
3. Credit Note
4. Interest
5. Prepayment
6. Misc Payment
We have explained one case with an e.g.:
Suppose you have created & posted AP Invoice with document number”INV01” for vendor “1200”. While creating the document user had done a mistake, where the deduction amount was entered wrong, this makes the overriding difficult when the posting is completed. Now Manual TDS Entry comes into picture wherein user can select the document and change the TDS Base amount.
After the selection all the related information of invoice will be populated in “Document” tab &
“Document Detail” tab. You can mark the Override TDS as ‘ON’ to override the amount & use “Save” button.
For more information on Greytrix TDS module please go through the below link: