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Reconcile TDS with Expense and Balance sheet accounts

When we say TDS, we usually deal with the Vendors, Documents like Invoices, Credit/Debit Notes, Pre-payment, Nature of deductions and TDS sections. Basically these are the major constraints that are a part of the deduction and remittance process for TDS. Even when we file the TDS returns the above points are part of the required… Read More »

Why to use Greytrix-TDS

Greytrix-TDS is an add-on based on Indian Taxation that helps user to deduct TDS in few clicks. Greytrix-TDS reduces accounting pressure/deducting TDS manually. New Stuff: Purchase Order in Sage 300 ERP 2014 Why to use Greytrix-TDS in Sage 300 ERP? Here is the answer; 1. Greytrix TDS allows organization to maintain the track of complex… Read More »