Clearing Deposit one by one in Bank Reconciliation

By | July 6, 2012

In Sage (Accpac) 300 ERP Edn 500 it is not possible to clear the individual entries in Bank Reconciliation.

Consider a case where you have entered 5 receipt entries in one batch; then in such cases, you have to clear the entire amount at once in Bank Reconciliation. Sage (Accpac) 300 ERP  does not allow clearing of individual receipt one by one in Bank Reco. screen, but after the release of Product Update 1 for Sage (Accpac) 300 ERP 6.0 they provided a way to clear the entries individually. Following is the process for the same.


1.  Go to the Bank Reconcile Statement Screen.

2.  In the above Screenshot, I have highlighted entry of deposit amount 2522.66. The entry contains two AR receipts, one of amount 2171.08 and other of amount 351.58. By default, the status of the entry is outstanding as shown below.

3.  As this amount consists of two different amounts, you want to clear only one amount out of two. Thus, here you need to change the status ‘Outstanding’ to ‘Reconcile by deposit detail’ as shown in the following two figures.

4.  After changing the status of the line, click on the Detail button.

5.  After clicking on the detail button the following screen will open.

6.  As shown above, the highlighted area contains the total amount which consists of two entries, which are reflected in the grid.

7.  Now consider a case, where you want to clear only the first entry. Thus, in this case, you will enter only the amount that you want to clear. [Refer the highlighted area shown below]

8.  You will notice that the cleared amount at the top has been changed to 2171.08 and as a result, you have to change the status of that individual entry from outstanding to Cleared.

9.  After changing the status click on the save button and close the screen.

10.  After closing the screen, you will get the following display, which will show you a difference of 351.58 which is yet to be cleared, which you can clear later according to your requirements.

In this way, you can clear the individual receipt entries in the Bank Reconciliation even though you have entered multiple entries in a single batch in AR Receipt Batch.

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