Provide File Menu to VBA Forms

By | January 14, 2014

In our last post article we discussed about Providing Icons to the VBA Form. In this blog let us take a step ahead and discuss about adding File Menu to the VBA forms.
In this blog we will take an example of the IC Transfer screen which has been customized once for our clients using a VBA Macro. VBA Macro does not have inbuilt feature of Menu Editor through which we can create Menu in the form.
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By following a simple workaround, you can Add Menu to a VBA macro and in turn call the standard File Menu of the Accpac OCX File menu in VBA Macro.

Step 1:  Take a label on the VBA Form


Step 2: Give the name of the Label as lblShowMenu1 (user can provide any name) as shown in the below screenshot:


Step 3: Next step is to write the below code on the click of the lblShowMenu1,

Private Sub lblShowMenu1_Click ()
End Sub

After adding the above code snippet and execution of the program you can notice that the File Menu has been added to the VBA form as shown in the below screenshot: