Why use Greytrix Trading Excise

By | April 17, 2014

Trading Excise is Greytrix Add-On, seamlessly, integrated with Sage 300 ERP, allows creating and intermeeting Excise Taxes reports in trading organization which is one of the most important and time consuming tasks for an accountant and management.
New Stuff: Document Numbering for AR Misc. Receipt
Considering real business scenario it is very tedious to calculate excise taxes and other excise amounts, Greytrix Trading Excise makes the task easier in just few clicks saving time, as said:

“Stitch In Time Saves Nine”

This is applicable for this Add-On too

Let’s have a brief look what Greytrix Trading Excise is all about:

1. Supports:

• Both Local Purchaser and Importer considering service taxes and custom taxes
• Different Vendors like Manufacturer, Dealer, Importer, etc. and item – If excisable or not
• Excisable and Non Excisable Locations/Warehouses
• Maintain standard registration and statutory information like PAN, ECC, CE Reg No.,VAT, Central Sales Tax      No., RG32 Numbering methods
• Maintain 20+ Excise specific Customer Information like CE Commiserate, CE Registration Number, ECC,              PAN
• Maintain 30+ Vendor Information like CE details, Division Details, PAN details, Range Details
• Maintain 20+ Item Details for Excisable Items like Tariff Class, Price, Item Type

2. Transaction Mode:

• Receive Excise Goods and Calculate Excise Tax from Purchase Order Entry of Sage 300 ERP with Vendor    Information and Assessable Amount.
• Return Excise Goods from PO Return Entry Screen and reconcile Excise Taxes accordingly
• Ship Excisable Goods and Calculate Tax against the assessable amount against the respective Receipt
• Maintain business logic and GAAP principles in all transactions Details.

3. Excise Reports:

• Excise Purchase Bill Register
• Excise Form 2 part 1
• Excise Form2 part 2
• Excise Defacing Report
• Excise Declaration Report
• R. G. 23D Report
• Excise Invoice Report (Sales Register)
• Excise Stock Register

Note: These reports are based as per Central Excise Government law

This reduces the pain of accountants and save much time. Trading Excise Module for Sage 300 ERP provides small and medium trading enterprises a seamless way to input information, furnish returns and maintain mandatory registers as required by Indian Tax authorities while making sure that the workflow, inventory valuation, financial reporting and operational modules data integrity is maintained in Sage 300 ERP.