Document Numbering for AR Misc. Receipt

By | April 16, 2014

As we know, Greytrix Document Numbering Add-on for Sage 300 ERP provides ability to setup and auto assign document numbers on transactions based on predefined structure. Greytrix Document Numbering offers numbering series for almost all the transactions. A new feature in the same also allows setting numbering on AR Misc. Receipt entry.
With the recent development, the only thing the user has to do now is, mapping the “Numbering Mapping screen” and Greytrix Document Numbering add-on will do the rest.
Say for an instance; User wants to create document number based on AR Misc. Receipt, then he has to select A/R Misc. Receipt as Document Type in Numbering Mapping screen. Select an Account Set code [ex. USA], select structure code and save the numbering mapping as shown in below screen shot.
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Document Numbering for AR Misc Receipt

So when user is creating the AR Misc. Receipt entry for Account Set ‘USA’, document Numbering module would check for any mappings in the numbering mapping screen. If any mapping is found, then it generates the document number based on Account Set ‘USA’. In the below screenshot, for AR Misc. Receipt Entry, ‘ARM*001’ number is auto-generated following the above mapping process

AR Receipt Enrty Screen

Greytrix can generate numbering series for all the transactions in Sage 300 ERP as per the client’s requirements.
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