Sales History Inquiry in Sage 300 ERP

By | July 30, 2014

How to find out a sales history in Sage 300 ERP?

We have Sales History report in the system as in the Sales History Inquiry. In this blog will go through with features of Sales History Inquiry.

New Stuff: Sales History Report in Sage 300 ERP

To view the Sales History you also make sure that in O/E Options setup “Keep Sales History” should be checked.

You can navigate the Sales History Inquiry from Order Entry module under Statistics and Inquiries. You can find below snap shot of the Sales History of Sage 300 ERP. Here will get the filter criteria for Year, Period, Customer/Item and Currency.


By using this form one can review all sales and returns of items for the fiscal or calendar years and periods for which you keep history.
In the above snap shot you can see that there is an item wise sales record.

This will give you the following information:

• Item No. and Item Description invoiced to the Customer.
• No. of quantity sold to the customer.
• Sales Amount and the respective Cost of Sold product.
• Return Amount of the product which is returned by the Customer.
• Margin Percent – What is the margin against each product out of the total sales to the Customer. The formula used for calculating margin is:
(Sales Amount– Cost of Sales)/Sales Amount * 100

To view the detail of an item, click on “Details” button. After that a new window will appear “Sales History Detail”. For the reference have a look on the below screen shot, wherein for Item A1-103/0 and Customer ACME Plumbing document wise detail is shown. This will give you the Invoice, Debit Note and Credit Note wise records.


You will get the following information:

• Transaction Date: Invoice/ Debit Note/Credit Note Date.
• Transaction Type: Whether it is Invoice/ Debit Note/Credit Note.
• Order Date/ Order Number: Order detail of respective Invoice.
• No. of quantity sold to the customer transaction wise.
• Sales Amount and the respective Cost of Sold product transaction wise.
• Return Amount of the product which is returned by the Customer transaction wise.

When you click on the Document Button of the above screen, you will directly be able to see the respective Invoice/Credit Note/Debit Note.
See the screen shot below and this is one of the very valuable feature of Sales History Inquiry is that you can directly drill down to the Invoice or any other source document.


Sales History Inquiry is a beneficial tool in the Sage 300 ERP for the business. In a few clicks only management would be able to get the Sales, Cost of Sales and Margin on Sales. The data can be pulled out either Customer wise or the Item wise. So you can have the margin either product wise or the Customer wise. Based upon the history you can focus on the productivity of the products which gives you more profit. On the similar way if you are getting more profit from the specific Customers you can focus on to increase the business with those Customers.

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