Pending P/O Receipts Inquiry

By | July 30, 2014

In Sage 300 ERP, incomplete P/O or Pending Receipts can be identified by using the screen of P/O Pending Receipts Inquiry. This screen allows you to review items that are expected to arrive at particular locations within a given time period (for example, in the next 14 days), and to determine whether there will be sufficient stock to cover the sales orders.

This form lets you search pending receipts by different criteria and also gives you information about the delivery status of the completed purchase orders.

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The inquiry finds active, standing, future, blanket, or all purchase orders that are not on hold and that fit the selection criteria. You can limit the inquiry to specific locations.

The following search features are available on the screen through which you can refine pending receipts –

Select By: – Choose whether you want to inquire by item or by vendor, and then select the item number or vendor number for which you want to view details.

From/To Location :- Enter a range of inventory locations, or skip the Location fields to display all locations. This selection includes orders where the shipping location matches the range of locations that you specify.

From / To PO Date :- Specify the range of document dates that you want to view. The PO Date is the document date specified on the purchase order.

From/To Expected Arrival Date :- Leave the From field blank to include all purchase orders with outstanding items, and enter the end date for the inquiry in the To field. Accept the default entries if you wish to view all purchase orders regardless of their expected arrival dates.

Include Completed Detail Lines :- Select Include Completed Detail Lines to see if items were received within the expected arrival times.

Show late PO Only: – Choose this option to see the detail lines that are past their expected arrival dates.

PO information related to the searched criteria is filled in the grid on the same screen. You can further scroll down to the detail level by selecting a particular Purchase Order. The detail level screen shows information about the receipt vide the Purchase Order, the receipt number along with receipt quantity against the ordered quantity is displayed.

The screen of P/O Pending Receipts Inquiry in Sage 300 ERP.



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