Purchase Order Year to Day Report in Sage 300 ERP

By | July 31, 2014

It’s very important to keep track of the number of quantities purchased and total investment done on purchasing the quantities for a particular period of time for any organization/company. Sometimes, an organization needs to know how many sales orders are supplied and from which vendor the goods are purchased and purchase cost of those goods from their respective vendors.
To measure all these activities in a period of time, we have developed a custom report “Purchase Order Report (year to day)”, which is useful in tracking the number of quantities purchased from vendor as well as the total extended cost received for those items for a specific period.
For this, we simply provide an installable file, which can be started on a single click. The following screen will be appeared:
Purchase Order YTD1.  File Path: User has to browse the desired path, wherein they want to print the Purchase Order report.
2.  Period: User has to select “From and To” Date range for which they want to print the report.
3. YTD: Here user has to select only “To” date for which they want to print the report. The YTD here is the year to day. Suppose the fiscal year started from July 1st 2013, and we are selecting “To YTD” as MAY 31st 2014.The report will show the data from July 1st to MAY 31st 2014.
Note: Filter criteria can be customized as per customer’s requirement
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Once the above details are filled, click on export to print the report at the desired location. In the following example, Report shows the detailed outlook:
Month/Period data will show you quantity and purchase cost of items for the current month and YTD data will give you the Quantity and Purchase Cost from the beginning of fiscal year to current month.
Thus, “Purchase Order Year to Day Report” will give you a clear visualization of number of quantities purchased and total purchase cost of those item vendor wise for a period.
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