Sellable and Non-sellable Filter in Stock Transaction Report

By | July 31, 2014

In Sage 300 ERP, both Sellable and Non Sellable items are available. The Items which are used for sale are sellable items and goods that are used only in bills of material, or only for internal usage transactions or any AMC Services, or item used for only purchases/ consumption ,projects managed through Project and Job Costing are non-sellable item.
For sellable items, the Unit Price and Unit Cost is defined in Item Pricing and Location Details. Non Sellable item are not allowed to be sold.
In Sage 300 ERP there is a report called Stock Transaction that gives a list of inventory changes, status of items on basis of Account Set, Location and Fiscal Period. In some business scenarios, user might need to print the report separately for Sellable and Non Sellable Item.
To facilitate this we have customized the standard Stock Transaction Report to filter data on basis of item type.
Once you select the standard filter of Report UI and click on print button, a pop-up UI will appear asking for ‘Sellable Type’. Enter the Type (1-Yes and 0-No) and click on print. You will get the report Output with the desired Sellable Type.
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sellable image
In this way, the user can set filter criteria for Sellable and non-sellable type and get the details for the stock transactions for the selected type.
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