BOM Component Usage Enquiry in Sage 300 ERP

By | September 26, 2014

When one needs to check in the Sage 300 ERP system if a particular component item is part of or is being used in how many master items, then this can be easily found out in the system by following few easy steps.

Major use of the BOM Component Usage Inquiry screen is to:
• View all bills of material in which a component item appears.
• View bills of material details for BOMs that include the selected component item.

New StuffAdjustment types in I/C Adjustment

To open the screen one can navigate to the BOM Component Enquiry screen by

            Inventory Control => I/C Statistics and Inquiries => BOM Component Usage Inquiry

In the above screenshot one can clearly see the list of all the Master items that includes the selected component item. Here one can easily see the number of quantity that is being used in all the master items.

One can also click on the Detail button on the left bottom corner to check the original Bill of Material of the Master item. Here one will be able to see the list of all the component items that are included in the Bill of Material of the Master item. Here one will be able to only view the list of the items, one would not be able to do any modification in the bill of material. This in turn will help to restrict the users from modifying the original bill of material.


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