New Feature in Statutory form

By | October 31, 2014

In our last blog we had discuss about statutory form, required in India Region Taxation system. Going ahead, we will discuss some new features added in the statutory form. In Statutory module, we have provided a screen “Form Tracker” as statutory form maintenance screen, Which keeps track of both AR and AP invoices. Either Issued or Not Issued or Both or Received or Not Received.
One of our clients wanted to calculate the amount for issued for invoices in case of AR customers so we had added new columns in the form tracker screens as shown in screens.
If you refer the below screen shot, in the existing SF tracker screen; previously we were able to only track the form numbers against the AR document.
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sf tracker1
Now in the if you refer the below new screen, we have added the new column in the grid i.e. customer Name, Invoice amount, Applied amount, Net Balance, Apply, Cr/Dr Invoice number, remark, comments and in the header C form number, C form amount, unapplied amount, Total applied amount C form balance etc.
sf tracker2
So we will look on functioning of each field one by one
Newly added fields on the header:
1. C form Number: for a single customer, user wants to put the same C form number form multiple form then user can put the C form number and when user will apply the invoice, C form number will get populated in the grid against the invoice.
2. C form Amount: Amount which is received from the customer.
3. Unapplied Amount: unapplied amount means the difference between C form amount and sum of applied amount on the grid
4. Total Applied amount: sum of applied amount on the grid.
5. C form Balance: C form amount means difference between C form amount and Total Applied Amount.
Newly added fields on the Grid:
1. Customer Name: This column will display customer name as per invoice.
2. Invoice Amount: This column will display total amount of invoices.
3. Applied Amount: Here user can specify the amount that should be applied on that invoice.
4. Net Balance: This amount will display difference between Invoice amount and applied amount for customer invoices.
i.e. Net Balance= Invoice Amount- Applied Amount.
5. Remark: This field is editable which can be edited for remarks of customer.
6. Comment: this field will show the comment enter in the OE invoice screen
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