Generate SO and PO for non-existing Vendors and Customers in Sage 300 ERP

By | October 30, 2014

Sage 300 ERP provides you an option to generate Sales and Purchase Orders for those Customers and vendors who do not exist in database.
Allow Non-Existing Vendors:
In P/O Option setting, there is a check box “Allow Non Existing Vendors”  under the ‘Processing’ tab.
[Refer screenshot below].
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Generally Sage 300 ERP doesn’t allow to enter transactions against a non existing Vendor. But by selecting the above option, you can add a requisition or purchase order for a vendor that does not exist in Accounts Payable.
You can add transactions in Purchase Orders before adding the vendor in the Accounts Payable program, but you must use the same vendor code when you add the vendor in Accounts Payable.
If it is a multicurrency system, you must specify a tax group that matches the vendor’s currency. Finally, you need to  add the vendor in Accounts Payable before you can post the invoice in A/P.
Allow Non-Existent Customers
Similar option is also available for Customers in O/E Option setting “Allow Non Existent Customers”  under the ‘Processing’ tab. If you do not select the option, Order Entry prevents you from entering an order, a shipment, or an invoice for a customer for whom no record exists in Accounts Receivable.
If you select this option, you can post orders for customers for whom you have not set up a record in Accounts Receivable.
Regardless of your choice, you will not be able to post an invoice in Accounts Receivable until you add the customer to your Accounts Receivable system.
Note:  If your Sage 300 ERP is integrated with Sage CRM and the order is linked to a Sage CRM opportunity, then selecting this option will not enable you to ship an order for a non-existent customer. Before you can ship an order that is linked to a Sage CRM opportunity, you must open Sage CRM and promote the customer to Accounts Receivable.
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