Expanding Retail business with Sage 300 ERP

By | December 30, 2014

Sage 300 ERP provides a whole ERP functional package but there are a few industries like retail in which there is a need for a solution to compliment it. To handle such unique requirements, Greytrix has developed an matrix style integrated Apparel solution known as Greymatrix for Sage 300 ERP.

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Let’s have an overview on how Greymatrix helps the fast and expanding retail industry. In this blog we will discuss about the central idea of this add-on
1. Style maintenance

a. In this screen we create style which are nothing but a group of items wherein different sub items are present
Example: I have bundle of sandals which are in different size and color. For reference purpose, we will be considering this bundle as style

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Style Maintenance

For more information visit: Styles in Greymatrix 

2. Transactions:

Here we will take example of order entry screen. Say a user needs to make an order of only two sandals out of the bundle with size and color: 07/Blue, 08/Green
User can input the values accordingly by selecting the style on the matrix screen as shown below and enter quantity order for size 07, 08 and color Blue, Green

Order Entry
This helps the user to understand the items ordered and on standard sage 300 ERP screen it displays in the format Style-color-size

For more information visit: Create Orders using GreyMatrix

Note: same matrix entry for all transactions

3. Reports:
User can print reports for matrix order taking into consideration style items and image. Below is the order entry report:
OE Order Confirmation

For more information visit: Reporting in Apparel

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