Bulk Sales Orders and Purchase Orders Processing from Sage CRM to Sage 300

By | August 12, 2015

Sales and Purchase Order are used across businesses to track Sales and Purchases. We need to check the trends in purchasing supplies or orders from the buyers. We also need to maintain clear communication between a sales team and managers in order to make informed decisions.
Secure and rapid deployment of Sales Order and Purchase Order enables your firm to increase profitability by eliminating the manual processes associated with the management of Sales and Purchase Order information.
Automating Sales and Purchase Orders from Sage CRM to Sage 300 ERP has the potential to significantly impact the order-to-cash cycle by cutting lead times to customers and the cost of processing orders by up to 50%.
Key Features and Benefits of implementing Sales Order and Purchase Order in Sage CRM are:
Real Time Processing: Real-time processing of Sales Order and Purchase orders from Sage CRM.
Ease of Integration: Designed and Engineered such that it can be seamlessly integrate with Business Processes.
Improving productivity: User friendly interface improves productivity which automatically enhances Customer Service and Response Times
Reliability : High Speed and accuracy is guaranteed for time critical orders
Compatibility: Multiple orders can be posted in Sage 300 by accepting .xls and .xlsx file.
Error Reporting: While attempting to insert data in Sage 300 ERP from Sage CRM there can be records that fail to sync with Sage 300 showing warning and error messages. With Sage CRM we can view the detailed report of those particular records with the error messages.
Eliminate paper work: Most importantly it reduces the paper work which eliminates inefficient manual and paper processes.
Reducing Human Errors: Minimizing unnecessary duplicate points of data entry.
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