3 Way Matching PO Receipt

By | December 30, 2013

In real business Scenario, it may happen that we do not want to allow user to receive (PO receipt) more quantities or more cost than in PO (purchase order).
So to have this feature in our Sage 300 ERP, Greytrix introduces new Add-on called “3 Way Matching PO Receipt”. In this Add-on, we have customized the “PO Receipt screen” and “PO Invoice” screen such that it doesn’t allow user to enter PO receipt quantity and PO extended cost to be greater than the PO quantity and PO extended cost.
We have provided a setup screen where user can set up the option whether system will warn you or give an error message or simply ignore it.
New Stuff: Goods Receipt Register Report

Set Up

User can also set the tolerance level. It means if tolerance level is set at 10% and PO Quantity is 100, it will allow receiving up to 110 qty.
Customized PO receipt Entry screen restrict user to enter receipt quantity more than the quantity entered in P/O entry for that selected item. Our program will check the item quantity and will popup message “Quantity receipt cannot be greater than Quantity in PO”, when the user has entered the quantity.
This feature is available both in

1. PO Receipt Screen
2. PO Invoice Screen

Suppose user have created a purchase Order with 10 Quantity with Extended cost of 100 and trying to create Po receipt against that Purchase Order with 10 Qty. and trying to modified the Extended cost from 100 to 110. Our program will throw message that “The Extended cost cannot be greater the actual cost.”

PO Receipt Entry

PO Receipt EntryMessage

Similar ally, our program checks for the changed quantity in PO Receipt.
In the same way, our program checks case user trying to modify Invoice Qty. and extended cost, and throw a message.
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