Quantity Restrictions on OE Shipment Entry Screen

By | December 20, 2017

Sage 300 ERP allows users to ship more quantity than ordered while doing Order entry transactions. But the requirement varies from company to company. In Organizations, there can be a requirement to restrict the shipment of goods in case if the quantity shipped is more than the order quantity.
In Sage 300 ERP, we can put a restriction on the shipment quantity with the help of our customized Shipment Entry Screen. We have customized the OE Shipment Screen in such a way that if the shipment is done against order then it will restrict the user to enter more quantity than Order quantity while doing shipment entry for one of our client.
Customized OE Shipment Entry screen restricts the user to enter shipped quantity more than the quantity ordered in O/E entry for the selected item.
Our program will check the item quantity and will popup message “Quantity Shipped cannot be greater than Quantity Ordered”, when the user has entered the quantity. It will allow the user to post the shipment if the quantity is below or equal to ordered quantity.
You can refer the below screenshot for the error message:

In this way, one can restrict the user to not to ship more than the Order Quantity. Similarly, we can customize OE Invoice Entry screen to restrict the quantity.