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Auto calculation of OE Miscellaneous Charges

In Sage 300, we can add miscellaneous charges manually in detail line of Shipment Entry and Invoice Entry and at the time of adding miscellaneous charges user needs to take care of Taxes which are required to calculate on the respective miscellaneous code and for this, there will be a long procedure for creation of… Read More »

Quantity Restrictions on OE Shipment Entry Screen

Sage 300 ERP allows users to ship more quantity than ordered while doing Order entry transactions. But the requirement varies from company to company. In Organizations, there can be a requirement to restrict the shipment of goods in case if the quantity shipped is more than the order quantity. In Sage 300 ERP, we can… Read More »

Tax Calculation on the basis of Quantity in Sage 300 ERP

Sage (Accpac) 300 ERP has come a long way, resulting a significant progress in various Tax Calculation parameters. Recently, some of our clients in Sugar Industry demanded a feature, wherein they wanted to calculate Tax based on Quantity in Sage 300 ERP. Thus for this sort of requirement, we have come up with a Tax… Read More »