List of Sage 300c web screens 2018

By | December 24, 2018

Sage has released new screens in Sage 300 ERP web version which can be accessed using the browser as well as with the desktop screens.

Sage has not yet provided all the screens at the web interface that are available in desktop edition.

New Stuff: User wise Language Setting – Sage 300 web Screens

List of screens that are available in the Menu of Sage 300 2018 Product Update 1 and 2 are as below:

Accounts Payable:

A/P Transactions Payment Inquiry Vendor Transactions Optional Fields
Invoice Batch List Create Payment Batch Aged Payables A/P Vendors
Invoice Entry Control Payments Create Retainage Batch Vendor Groups
Payment Batch List Adjustment Batch List 1099 Electronic Filing Vendors
Payment Entry Adjustment Entry T5018(CPRS) Electronic Filing Remit-To Locations
Post Batches Aged Cash Requirements A/P Setup Payment Codes
A/P Transaction Reports Aged Retainage Options Email Messages
Batch Listing A/P Periodic Processing Account Sets Vendor Activity
Batch Status Create G/L Batch 1099/CPRS Codes Remit-To Locations
Posting Journals Revaluation Distribution Codes Recurring Payables
Check Register Clear History Distribution Sets Vendor Groups
G/L Transactions Year End Terms Vendors
Posting Errors Delete Inactive Records 1099/CPRS Inquiry Letters/Labels
G/L Integration Clear Statistics Recurring Payables Print T5018 (CPRS) Forms
Payment Selection Codes Create Recurring Payable Batch A/P Vendor Reports Print 1099/1096 Forms

Accounts Receivable

A/R Transactions Receipt Entry Refund Batch List A/R Transaction Reports
Invoice Batch List Quick Receipt Entry Refund Entry Batch Listing
Invoice Entry Adjustment Batch List Post Batches Batch Status
Receipt Batch List Adjustment Entry Process Credit Card Payments Posting Journals
Deposit Slips Posting Errors Aged Retainage Dunning Messages
Invoices Customer Transactions A/R Periodic Processing Interest Profiles
Receipts Item Sales History Create G/L Batch Payment Codes
G/L Transactions Aged Trial Balance Create Interest Batch Salespersons
Create Recurring Charge Batch Update Recurring Charges Customer Groups Terms
Create Retainage Batch Revaluation National Accounts Items
Create Write-Off Batch A/R Setup Customers Comment Types
Clear History Options Recurring Charges Email Messages
Clear Statistics Account Sets Ship-To Locations Optional Fields
Year End Billing Cycles A/R Customer Reports G/L Integration
Delete Inactive Records Distribution Codes Customer Groups A/R Customers
National Accounts Ship-To Locations Recurring Charges Statements/Letters/Labels
Customers Labels

Administrative Services

Customization User Authorizations Users and Security Data Integrity
Customize Navigation Menu Data and Maintenance Security Groups Restart Maintenance
UI Profiles

Bank Services

Bank Transactions Transaction History Inquiry Reconciliation Posting Journal Clear History
Reconcile Statements Reverse Transactions Transfer Posting Journal Bank Setup
Import OFX Statements Bank Transaction Reports Bank Entries Posting Journal Banks
Reconcile OFX Statements Transactions Listing G/L Transactions Options
Bank Transfers Deposits Status Check/Payment Register Distribution Codes
Bank Entry Withdrawals Status Deposit Register Distribution Sets
Post Entries Reconciliation Status Bank Periodic Processing Credit Card Types
Post Reconciliation Bank Reconciliation Create G/L Batch G/L Integration

Common Services

Company Setup Currency Rates Currency Payment Processing
Company Profile Scheduling Currency Payment Processing Options
Fiscal Calendar Schedules Currency Rate Types Payment Processing Codes
Optional Fields

General Ledger

G/L Accounts Create Allocation Batch Source Journal Profiles Transactions Listing
Accounts Consolidate Posted Transactions Segment Codes Source Journals
Transaction History Create New Year Revaluation Codes Batch Status
Fiscal Set Comparison Period End Maintenance Account Structures Batch Listing
Create Accounts Create Revaluation Batch Account Groups Posting Journals
G/L Transactions Create Recurring Entries Batch Recurring Entries Source Codes
Batch List Clear History Optional Fields Source Journal Profiles
Journal Entry G/L Setup G/L Reports Recurring Entries
Post Batches Options Chart of Accounts Transaction Details Optional Fields
G/L Periodic Processing Source Codes Trial Balance

Inventory Control

I/C Transactions Update Item Pricing Weight Units of Measure Stock Transactions
Receipts Location Details I/C Setup Reports Transfer Slips
Shipments Manufacturers’ Items Alternate Items I/C Price/Sales Analysis Reports
Internal Usage Reorder Quantities I/C Stock Control Reports Price Lists
Adjustments Kitting Items Item Status Contract Pricing
Transfers I/C Setup Item Valuation Selling Price/Margin Analysis
Post Transactions Options Overstocked Items Markup Analysis
Transaction Listing Item Structures Reorder Sales Statistics
I/C Statistics and Inquiries Segment Codes Slow Moving Items Transaction Statistics
Sales Statistics Locations Bin/Shelf Labels Transaction History
Transaction Statistics Categories Item Labels Posting Journals
Current Transactions Inquiry Account Sets Inventory Movement G/L Transactions
Transaction History Inquiry Price List Codes Aged Inventory I/C Items and Price Lists
LIFO/FIFO Inquiry Optional Fields Physical Inventory Quantities Items
Item Location Details Quantity Inquiry G/L Integration Inventory Reconciliation Vendor Details
Stock Transactions Inquiry Units of Measure Post Inventory Reconciliation Customer Details
I/C Periodic Processing Generate Inventory Worksheet Inventory Counts Item Pricing
Day End Processing Inventory Worksheet I/C Physical Inventory Create G/L Batch

Order Entry

O/E Transactions Sales Statistics Email Messages O/E Reports
Order Entry Salesperson Inquiry Optional Fields Transaction List
Shipment Entry O/E Periodic Processing G/L Integration Order Action
Invoice Entry Clear History O/E Forms Aged Orders
Credit/Debit Note Entry Create Batch Order Confirmations Posting Journals
Copy Orders O/E Setup Quotes Invoice Action
Capture Payments with Invoices Options Picking Slips Sales History
O/E Statistics and Inquiries Templates Shipping Labels Sales Statistics
Pending Shipments Inquiry Miscellaneous Charges Invoices G/L Transactions
Sales History Ship-Via Codes Credit/Debit Notes Salesperson Commissions

Purchase Orders

P/O Transactions Pending Receipts Inquiry Vendor Contract Costs Mailing Labels
Requisition Entry P/O Periodic Processing Templates P/O Analytical Reports
Purchase Order Entry Create Batch Additional Costs Transaction List
Receipt Entry Clear History Email Messages Shippable Backorders
Invoice Entry P/O Create Purchase Orders Optional Fields Purchase Order Action
Return Entry Create POs from Requisitions G/L Integration Purchase History
Credit/Debit Note Entry Create POs from I/C P/O Forms Aged Purchase Orders
Copy Purchase Orders Create POs from O/E Requisitions Purchase Statistics
P/O Statistics and Inquiries P/O Setup Purchase Orders Posting Journals
Purchase History Options Receiving Slips G/L Transactions
Purchase Statistics Ship-Via Codes Returns Payables Clearing Audit List

Tax Services

Tax Setup Tax Rates Tax Reports Tax Periodic Processing
Tax Authorities Tax Groups Tax Tracking Clear History
Tax Classes

With the latest releases, some additional web screens will be included.

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