Sage 300: Euro Conversion Rates Screen

By | June 1, 2019

This screen has been used to maintain Euro Conversion Rates which is used in multi currency database.  This screen has been present in Sage 300 menu under Common services module i.e. Common   Services > Currency > Euro Conversion Rates.

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Here’s the uses of Euro Conversion Rates screen:

  • View the rate at which a national currency is converted to the euro. To view the conversion rate for a currency, enter the currency’s code in the Currency Code field, and then press Tab. (Once you tab out of the Currency Code field, the program displays the currency description (name), the conversion rate, and the effective date.)
  • View the effective date on which the conversion rate was set. The effective date is usually the date that the country joins the European Monetary Union (EMU). For example, for the first eleven countries that joined the EMU, the rate was set on January 1, 1999.
  • Enter a rate and an effective date for the currency of a country that joins the EMU.
Euro Conversion rate

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