Auto calculation of OE Miscellaneous Charges

By | July 1, 2019

In Sage 300, we can add miscellaneous charges manually in detail line of Shipment Entry and Invoice Entry and at the time of adding miscellaneous charges user needs to take care of Taxes which are required to calculate on the respective miscellaneous code and for this, there will be a long procedure for creation of Taxes, creation of tax authorities, rate, etc.

To avoid this long activity, Sage has introduced a new feature – auto calculation of OE Miscellaneous Charges. We have added this customization on OE Shipment Entry. For this purpose, we will set miscellaneous charges % rate in an optional field value and that will be applied on total extended price automatically at the time of adding miscellaneous charges in the Shipment Entry.

We need to follow some steps –

  • We will create an optional field ‘MISCCHG’ and we will map miscellaneous charges rate (%  ) and code in that optional field’s value and description respectively as shown in the screenshot below:
  • We will create a new Miscellaneous with the same code ‘TRSCHG’ from the OE Setup Miscellaneous charges which we have already saved in optional field’s Description and value will be the rate of Miscellaneous code (Refer below screen)

We will look into this with an example – Suppose user has created Shipment entry with item number A1-103/0 and extended price is 5000 now at the time of insertion of the miscellaneous code, system will calculate miscellaneous charges automatically as per the rate which has been already defined in an Optional field “TRSCHG’ that means miscellaneous amount will be calculated automatically as 5000*3/100= 150 and the same value will be displayed in Ext price column of the miscellaneous code.

For more clarification, Please refer the below screenshot: