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AR Option-Deposit Slips

In this blog, we will discuss about ‘Allow Edit after Deposit Slip Printed’ and ‘Create Deposit Slip When Receipt Batch is created ’. You will get this option under the Account receivable–>A/R Set up–>Options–>Transaction tab [Refer screenshot below]. New stuff:How to Use Different Item Description for Specific Items in Sage 300 ERP Account receivable–> A/R… Read More »

Allow Adjustments in Receipt batches

In this blog post, we will discuss about another feature of Sage 300 ERP ‘Allow Adjustments in Receipt batches’. In A/R Option setting, there is a check box ‘Allow Adjustments in Receipt batches ‘ under the ‘Transactions’ tab [Refer screenshot below]. New stuff: Generate SO and PO for non-existing Vendors and Customers in Sage 300… Read More »