Allow Adjustments in Receipt batches

By | October 31, 2014

In this blog post, we will discuss about another feature of Sage 300 ERP ‘Allow Adjustments in Receipt batches’. In A/R Option setting, there is a check box ‘Allow Adjustments in Receipt batches ‘ under the ‘Transactions’ tab [Refer screenshot below].
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 01-AR Reciept
With this option checked, you can enter adjustments in A/R Receipt Batches during receipt entry, rather than having to enter them separately in the A/R Adjustment Entry screen.
This option may be useful when the amount of a check you receive to pay an invoice differs slightly from the invoice total. In this case, you can enter the difference amount by making an adjustment by clicking on the Adjust button on the receipt screen rather than doing it separately from the adjustment screen [Refer screen shot below].
The adjustments which you make against the receipt become a part of the receipt batches. If you want to edit an adjustment you added to a receipt batch (unposted), you edit it in the A/R Receipt Entry screens, rather than doing it in the A/R Adjustment Entry screen.
02-AR Receipts
With this option unchecked the Adjust button may not be visible to the user [Refer Below screen Shots].
03-AR Recipts
04-AR Receipts
Thus, this option may be useful to create a new adjustment batch from A/R Receipt Entry Screen.
However, you can change this option anytime you want.