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Error: Sage 300 ERP UI Container has stopped working message occurs when printing reports

Sometimes users face an error message “Sage 300 ERP UI Container has stopped working” when printing reports. This normally occurs on a Windows 2008 R2 or Windows 2012 server when printing reports to the preview screen. When we click to view the problem details, the following message displays: “Assertion failed! Program: C:AppsAccpacRUNTIMEA4WCONTAINERXP.EXE File: repcmd.c Line:… Read More »

GL Clearing Report in Sage 300 ERP

In our previous blog, we discuss about “Auto Generate Document Number in GL Clearing Module for Sage 300 ERP”. Now we will discuss about the reporting part in GL clearing, which shows GL reconciled data saved previously in GL clearing screen.Once GL Reconciliation is completed, user can print reports to know the reconciled document. Report… Read More »

MRP Report in Sage 300 ERP

It’s very important to predict requirement for materials on a daily basis and plan for procurement accordingly. Sometimes, organization needs to know their; On hand quantity, transferred quantity, quantity required etc. for assembling stock and non-stock items. Hence, for these situations, we have developed report for Sage 300 ERP known as “Material Requirement Planning”, which… Read More »

Customer Transaction and Aged Trial Balance Report in Sage 300 ERP

In our previous blog, we discussed about “Account Receivable Transaction Reports in Sage 300 ERP”, which shows basic transaction wise data from AR Module. Now, we will discuss AR Transactions Reports that shows Customer wise data like Customer wise Debit/Credit Total, Opening/Closing Balance for a particular period or Date Range. 1. Customer Transactions: This report… Read More »

Account Receivable Transaction Reports in Sage 300 ERP

Sage 300 ERP (formerly Sage Accpac ERP) provides various reporting option such as AR Invoices, AR Receipt, etc. These reports are useful while using Sage 300 ERP for maintaining track of customer transaction, customers closing balance, opening balance and overall transaction till date. In this blog, we will discuss about A/R transaction Reports in detailed.… Read More »

Email Standard Order Entry Invoice Report in PDF or RTF Format

Sage 300 ERP (formerly Sage Accpac ERP) has provided an inbuilt functionality to enable users to email Standard Report in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) or Rich Text Format (RTF). With this functionality user can directly email report, which in return reduces efforts of user each time to save the report and then commence other procedure for… Read More »

Financial Reporter made reporting tranquil in Sage 300 ERP

Preparing reports directly without any software assistance is generally not an easy task, especially in the absence of an in-house IT support team. Software vendors might not be readily available or external developers might be a costly and unreliable affair to maintain and control. For this sort of uncertainty, Sage 300 ERP (formerly known as… Read More »