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Provide Minimize/Maximize Buttons in VBA Forms (Macro)

Most of the developers came across this particular limitation i.e. minimize and maximize buttons in VBA forms. These buttons are by default available in Visual Basic forms i.e.; in design view of form we can locate appropriate properties for these buttons.  But while designing VBA forms these properties are not available and the buttons doesn’t… Read More »

Macros in Sage 300 ERP

Sage 300 ERP handles complete business process of various organizations, however sometimes businesses wants custom calculations and procedures to be more exactly match to their particular business in operations modules; may be because of additional government regulations, implementing custom pricing models, etc. hence, client requirements get varied accordingly. As a result, we need to provide… Read More »

VBA Macro Errors related to EXD Files

While deploying your VBA Macro on client’s environment or all of sudden during development you may experience either of the following errors with your VBA macro. * Can’t find project or library * Variable not defined * Object library invalid Possible cause for error: As a developer; try to verify if you have recently updated your system. Sometimes, windows… Read More »