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Fiscal year error for Transaction in Sage 300 ERP

Sometimes when you make Transactions in Sage 300 ERP in a new year, you might face some fiscal year error saying, ‘Transaction date does not exists in fiscal calendar’. This error will not allow you to make any transaction in Sage 300. New Stuff: Error: DLL AccpacGD1003ENG.dll specified in section [GD1003] is not valid In… Read More »

GL Chart of Accounts Screen is Available in Sage 300 v2022 web screens

As we all know Sage 300 v2022 is released. This new release has added various new features and screens and enhancements to Sage 300c (web screens). In this blog we are going to discuss regarding one of the screens made available in Sage 300 2022 web screens i.e. G/L Chart Of Accounts. New Stuff: Unable to… Read More »

How to use Existing ACCPAC Advantage Session in C#

In this blog, we are going to define the use of an existing Sage 300c session with ACCPAC Advantage in C# .Net. We have seen that when we use ACCPAC Advantage DB link for opening ACCPAC Advantage View, we use session for initializing DB link instance I.e., object. New Stuff: SAU Plugin error while installing… Read More »