Macros in Sage 300 ERP

By | August 23, 2013

Sage 300 ERP handles complete business process of various organizations, however sometimes businesses wants custom calculations and procedures to be more exactly match to their particular business in operations modules; may be because of additional government regulations, implementing custom pricing models, etc. hence, client requirements get varied accordingly.
As a result, we need to provide a powerful framework so that these requirements can be accommodated and at the same time, these customization’s should get easily migrate from one version to another, so that customer does not have to use the same version for life long and can upgrade when they want.
The New Stuff: Run VBA Macro without Logging to Sage 300 ERP 
Hence, using a powerful macro language with deep hooks into product is an ideal way to accomplish these goals. Sage has provides macros as a method of customizing the product which does not require SDK. But it does require programming; generally VBA is a very powerful development environment.
The main advantage of VBA is that there are many technical resources available.
Using the VBA Forms capability, you can create your own screens that interact with our business logic and perform your various custom tasks. The VBA forms library/system is a very powerful but easy to use system for creating UIs.
Advantages of macros:

1. You can create same API in macros as API used by VB UIs, so you know that anything you do in a UI can be also done in a Macro. It also guarantees that this layer is heavily tested and supported.

2. Macro remains same for all of versions.

3. Using macro you can write program to print your month end reports.

4. You can write macro to go through and process un-posted batches. Or whatever other recurring process you want to automate.

Customization through macros is a powerful technology to personalize your Sage 300 ERP and to allow you to achieve greater efficiency. VBA is an industry standard macros language and gives you great power to customize Sage 300 ERP.
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