Configuration and Working for Creating AR Invoice in Sage CRM using GUMU Integration

By | September 28, 2012

In our previous blog, we discussed that our latest version of GUMU™ Integration for Sage CRM – Sage 100 (MAS 90/200) ERP provides an option to create an AR Invoices in Sage 100 ERP from within Sage CRM.

In this blog, we would be discussing, about its working and how we can create AR Invoice in Sage CRM and promote the same in Sage 100 ERP using GUMU™ Complete Integration.

For this, Administrator need to follow some simple steps as mentioned below:

1. Company level configuration settings: While configuring GUMU Integration for any Sage 100 Company code; make sure you check the “Create A/R Invoice” option on GUMU configuration screen as shown below:

2. User specific rights: System Administrator will have an authority of deciding which user will have permission to promote AR – Invoice and who will not. Administrator can specify these user specific rights in Security Matrix section of GUMU integration. Kindly note that this option will only be available if user has checked the “Create A/R Invoice” on the configuration screen.

3. Importing the AR Items:  The Items from the AR modules in Sage 100 will be imported for the Sage 100 companies, who have been granted the “Create A/R Invoice” option in the configuration screen.

4. Creating AR Invoice in Sage CRM: Once users are granted with the required permission and the AR items are imported, user can now create AR Invoice using Sage CRM order screen.

User will have an option of creating “ORDER” or “INVOICE” from the Sage CRM order entry screen. The only difference between order and invoice will be Document Type field i.e. If any user wants to create Invoice then he can select “Invoice” or select “Order” option value for Orders in “Document Type” field on the header. The default value for this field will be “Order”.  Refer the below screenshot in which we have displayed an AR Invoice .

Once an Invoice is prepared with the required details, Users would be able to view “Promote Invoice” button on the right hand side of the screen. Click on the Promote Invoice Button and it would promote the Invoice and would generate an Invoice number, which users can view on the Sage 100 system on real-time basis.

In this way, user can create AR invoice from within Sage CRM and can promote it to Sage 100 using GUMU Integration for Sage CRM-Sage 100 ERP.

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