Creating Component and generating Script files

By | October 18, 2013

Hi folks! In this busy life we hardly get any spare time for our self. So it becomes important to manage time. And in order to manage time we need to complete our task in minimum time. With this blog I will be explaining how you can create component in less span of time. To explain I will be comparing two methods of creating component.
Method One: – By using “Preview Script”.
Method Two: – By using “Script Component”.
1. Log in to “CRM”.
2. Go to Administration Customization Component Manager | Component detail.
3. Now you will find “Preview Script” and “Script Component” buttons on your screen as shown below.


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Comparison between two methods step wise:-

  Steps Steps involved in “Preview Script” Steps involved in  “Script Component”


Click on “Preview Script Click on “Script Component


Copy the Recording Not Required


Paste it in Notepad Not Required


Save it as ” .es” file Automatically gets created


Then create “.ecf” file Automatically gets created


Paste it in your respective “INF” folder Automatically gets created

The above comparison states clearly that “Script Component” method is more reliable and robust as well as chances of bugs will be almost negligible as compared to “Preview Script”.
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