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By | February 17, 2014

GUMU for Sage CRM – Sage 100 integrates customer and sales data between the two systems – Sage 100 and Sage CRM on a real-time basis.
Sometimes, we do face some issues during implementation which are unique to the environment. Since these issues are system specific, it may be a challenge for the development team to replicate and fix the issue if they don’t have all necessary and accurate information on hand.

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To fix the issues, our development / support team requires certain information which is as following –

  1. Actual error message 
  2. Business process stage where the issues is arising 
  3. If possible, program file name and line which is causing the issue. 

Once, we have the above details from our clients, we check the possible issues at our end and try to implement fixed solution for the issue.
Since our application is web based most of the time, it becomes quite difficult to trace the exact root cause of the issue. This is because sometimes the browser displays “HTTP 500 internal Error” message instead of actual error.
The “HTTP 500 internal Error” message is a very general HTTP status code that indicates that something has gone wrong on the web server. It will not provide any specific error details that occurred on the webserver; rather it will display a generic 500 error message.
To get to the actual error message, one can use these following simple steps:

  1. Uncheck the “Show friendly HTTP error message” from IE browser setting.
  2. Set as false to option “Send Error message To Browser” 

(To get the step-by-step instructions, refer this link.)
With these simple steps one can easily retrieve the actual error message from the web server.
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