Using Primary Key Column of an Entity to Search

By | October 14, 2014

Sage CRM Search screens allow Users to search data by any criteria or a combination of criteria on the Search screen. In this blog post, we will explain you how to add a Primary Key of a column of any entity to entity search screen.
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Consider an example where you want to display Opportunity ID (oppo_opportunityid) on Opportunity Search screen. You need to follow below steps to add Opportunity ID (oppo_opportunityid) field to Opportunity Search screen.
1) Navigate to Administration | Customization | Opportunty.
2) Click on the Views tab and select vSearchListOpportunity view
3) Modify this view by adding below syntax into the select statement
Oppo_opportunityid as OpportunityID
4) Modified view will be visible as shown below.
5) Now, navigate to the Screens tab and select OpportunitySearchBox.
6) You will observe that Oppotunityid column will be visible in the Field dropdown as shown below.
7) Select Opportunity: Oppotunityid column and click on Add button. Finally click on Save button.
8) Navigate to Main Menu | Find  | Opportunity and you will observe that Opportunity Id is added to Opportunity Search screen and user can now enter criteria to search data as shown below.
Above steps can also be applied to any entity, to modify search screens and search data based on the entity primary columns.
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