View Fusion Charts on Sage CRM Interactive Dashboards

By | October 14, 2014

In our earlier post, we had explained how to display Fusion charts using COM API and .NET API and add drill-down to the Fusion charts. In this blog post, we will be explaining how to add fusion charts to Sage CRM Interactive Dashboards.
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Consider an example where you want to display a Fusion chart on Leads assigned to the Users, as per their stage, and add that chart into an Interactive Dashboards. Follow below steps to achieve it.
1) Create a new Dashboard using New Dashboard button.
2) Enter Name of the Dashboard and click on OK button.
3) Then click on New Gadget button and select Web Site Gadgets from the list as shown below.
4) You will be navigated to below screen. Enter Web Address as shown below.
GREY043 = Server Name
CRM = Sage CRM Instance Name
Kindly note that you need to design ASP page so that it will display Fusion Chart as requested. You can refer our blog post on this for assistance. Here is the link.
XML based Fusion Charts using .NET API
XML based Fusion charts in COM API
5) Click on Next button and enter name of the Gadget as shown below.
6) Finally, click on Finish button and you will get the Fusion charts displayed within Sage CRM Dashboard as shown below.
You can further customize fusion charts to add drill-down links. Refer our blog post on the same.
This way, you can add any fusion charts to Sage CRM Dashboard for any Primary, Secondary or Custom entity.
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