Alter length of Phone Number Fields in Sage CRM

By | October 25, 2014

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Length of the Phone Number field is enough for general business processes. However, if Country Code and Area Code both are entered into the phone number field then the Phone number may increase to more than 10 digits. In such cases, users would want to increase the length of the phone number field.
Let’s say you want to increase the Phone Number field of Sage CRM to 25. You need to follow below steps for the same.
==Backup Sage CRM database before making any of the changes==
1) Increase the display length of Phone Number field on Sage CRM screens by executing below query.
UPDATE custom_edits SET colp_entrysize = 25
WHERE ColP_Entity = ‘phone’ and ColP_ColName = ‘phon_number’
2) Increase the physical length of Phone Number field by executing below query.
alter table phone alter column phon_number nvarchar(20)
UPDATE custom_edits SET colp_lookupwidth = 25
WHERE ColP_Entity = ‘phone’ and ColP_ColName = ‘phon_number’
3) You must also change the phon_number field of CRMPhoneEmailData table by executing below query. (if Sage CRM v7.1 and above)
alter table CRMEmailPhoneData alter column epd_PhoneNumber nvarchar(25)
4) Do Metadata Refresh to see the effect.
5) Run IISRESET command.
Once done, you can navigate to Phone/Email tab of Company or Person entities. Now you will be able to enter 25 characters in Sage CRM Phone number field.
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