Get impressive PDF Reports by adjusting Report Styles in Sage CRM – Part 2

By | September 24, 2014

In our earlier blog, we had discussed how reports styles can be changed to get impressive reports in Sage CRM.
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Going further, in this blog, we will explain how Report Header, Details and Title etc. can be formatted as per requirement.
In Sage CRM, Reports are designed using Cascading Style Sheet commonly known as CSS. These CSS files are located under Sage CRM Installation directory.
<<Sage CRM Installation Directory>>Program FilesSageCRM<<CRM Instance>>WWWRootThemesReportsColor
Kindly refer below steps to format report styles.
1) Navigate to below path and take backup of all pages.
<<Sage CRM Installation Directory>>Program FilesSageCRM<<CRM Instance>>WWWRootThemesReportsColor
2) Open color1.css file and you will observe [REPORTS] section as shown below.
3) You will observe there are parameters like Background Color, Border Color etc. You can easily set them as per requirement.
4) Here you can modify below report parameters.
5) To reflect these changes, you need to run an IISRESET command.
Once all above steps are done, run reports in PDF and you will observe settings will be applied to Sage CRM Reports.
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