Import Products in Sage CRM from Sage 500 ERP using GUMU integration link

By | January 29, 2015

GUMU for Sage CRM – Sage 500 integration is a bi-directional, real time integration link. Using this integration link, Sales people can create Sales orders in Sage CRM with Sage 500 products and promote them to Sage 500 later.
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In this blog post, we will go through the process of bringing Sage 500 products available in Sage CRM, so that Sage CRM User can use these products while creating sales order in Sage CRM.
Follow below steps to import product in Sage CRM from Sage 500:-
Step 1:- Make sure that currency in Sage CRM is set to “USD” before importing products. 
It is a pre-requisite for bringing Sage 500 products in Sage CRM.  In Sage CRM, if the Base Currency is set to USD, then it is denoted by ‘$’ symbol while in Sage 500,  it is denoted as ‘USD’.  Hence to match the currency symbol, we will have to change currency value from “$” to ‘USD’ in Sage CRM.
For setting up this currency in Sage CRM, please follow below steps:
1. Go to Administration > Data management > Currency configuration.
2. For example , if the Base Currency is $(USD), change it to some other.
3. Then go to Administration > Data management > Currency. You will find the currency ‘$’ in the list as shown below.
4.Click on the ‘US Dollar’, you will find the following.
5. Change the symbol ‘$’ to the symbol present in MAS 500 (i.e. ‘USD’) for US Dollar and save the changes.
6. And then, change the Base Currency again to the USD (US Dollar).
Step 2:- Import Product
Once you are done with currency setting, you can import products from Sage 500 to Sage CRM using GUMU Import product feature.
For this, Login to Sage CRM -> Administration -> MAS 500 Administration -> Import Product
Here, either you can import product by using “last updated since” criteria OR you can provide specific range of products on the basis of product code to import from Sage 500 ERP to Sage CRM.
This will bring all the products from Sage 500 ERP to Sage CRM.
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