New Tables, Views and Log files introduced in Sage CRM 7.3

By | February 18, 2015

With the release of new version of Sage CRM always there comes a question in our mind “What database and other changes will be there?” From a technical consultants point of view we also need to think about the expected changes we need to make, as and when it comes to upgrading from previous version to a newer version of CRM. We also need to check whether our previous customizations will be supported after upgrade or not.
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The above question made me think and write something about it, I found various information’s in Sage CRM 7.3 documents and putting some of them together.
New tables introduced:
1) MailChimpOpens
2) MailChimpSegments
3) MailChimpUnsubscribed
4) MailMergeRelatedInfo
5) EMarketingMessage
6) MailChimpBounced
7) MailChimpCampaign
8) MailChimpClicks
9) MailChimpClicksByEmail
10) SocialConnection
SocialConnection table is not in use but under scope of future implementation.
New views introduced: 
1) vMailChimpBounced
2) vMailChimpCampaign
3) vMailChimpClicksByEmail
4) vMailChimpOpens
5) vMailChimpUnsubscribed
6) vOpposClosedYearOnYear
7) vSalesVsForecast
New log files introduced:
1) 20150112mailchimp.log
2) 20150112social.log
All tables, views and log file names are self-explanatory in nature due to their nomenclature.
Although it don’t seems  the normalization in 7.3 version requires major changes after upgrade but still we need to be doubly sure and  test all the functionalities, I hope above information will be helpful in the process.
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