Confirm Button using .NET API

By | May 6, 2015

Recently, while working on an implementation we came to know how easily we can do the customization using .Net API. Well, we were supposed to create a screen in Sage CRM which should ultimately get the confirmation from user before submitting the record into Database. By referring the .Net methods we found one method which is called as “Confirm Button”.
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To implement this you just need to pass the below given function in your screen which will contain some basic parameters.
AddConfirmButton(“Accept”, “Accept.gif”, “Please click on ok button to approve the leave”, “HIDDENFLAG”, “Y”);
The sequence of the functions is as follows:
1. Caption Name
2. Images Name
3. Confirmation Message
4. Hidden Field Name
5. Hidden Field value
If any user clicks on Accept button, the confirmation message along with message will appear as below.
If you click “OK” button then automatically predefined Hidden field value (“Y”) gets stored in hidden field (“HIDDENFLAG”). Based on hidden field value it updates the record to progress it to further stages. Whereas, by clicking on “Cancel” button record will not be updated and it will remain in the particular stage only.
Now, if you want to implement the similar functionality by using JavaScript then you need to follow the following steps.
1. Create .Net API button
2. Add JavaScript function name to new created button
3. Create new JavaScript page and need to call into Custom Contain
4. Create new function to add JavaScript “Confirm” method
Happy Scripting 🙂
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