Wrapper error in Sage CRM – Part 2

By | June 2, 2015

As we all know “SageCrmWrapper.dll” is one of the most important dll used among most of the Sage CRM custom entities. We have already posted few blogs regarding wrapper and other .dll issues which occurs in Sage CRM. In today’s blog, I will explain you one such scenario that was encountered during our recent implementation for one of our client.

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We had installed Sage CRM on new server and everything was working perfectly except few customized pages where we used some classes of SageCrmWrapper.dll. It was giving error as “cannot load type Sage.CRM.Wrapper”. Below is the screenshot for the same.


After debugging this issue, we came to know that it was occurring due to improper registration of SageCrmWrapper.dll. Normally this dll gets registered during Sage CRM installation Process. Now to resolve this issue, you need to register this particular dll once again. You can refer below steps and screenshots for the same.

Consider for an example, Sage CRM v7.2 is installed in D drive then you need to follow below steps to register Sage CRM .NET DLL’s manually.

1. Login to the Sage CRM server. Make sure you are using administrative account.
2. Start the command prompt.
3. Navigate to the path i.e. D:\Program Files\Sage\CRM\CRMDotNet\7.2\. You will find SageCRMWrapper.dll over there.
4. Now to register the same, run below command. Make sure that you enter correct name and file path. In our case it is, D:\Program Files\Sage\CRM\CRMDotNet\7.2> regasm SageCRMWrapper.dll
5. After registration, a message will appear telling you registration was successful. Refer below screenshot.


6. Then you need to install the DLL into Global Assembly cache (GAC). You can do the same by executing the following command, D:\Program Files\Sage\CRM\CRMDotNet\7.2> gacutil -i SageCRMWrapper.dll

7. After registration, a message will appear “Assembly successfully added to the cache” Refer below screenshot.


8. Lastly run IISRESET command.

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