Outlook Integration – CRM Outlook Plugin Issue Part – 2

By | August 26, 2015

As you all are familiar that when it comes to set up client side add-ons with web application, security rights/restrictions becomes a mandatory thing which comes into consideration. We have been writing blogs on features as well as process been followed while installing Outlook integration with Sage CRM. You can go through the links added below for your reference.
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In today’s blog, we will be discussing issue related to outlook integration faced by one of our client’s where it got executed successfully on one of the user’s machine whereas, it was throwing error for another user’s machine.
As a process of installing Outlook plug-in for Exchange Integration there comes a stage when the user is prompted to confirm Connection Settings such as Server Name, Install Name, Port Number, Use Secure Connection HTTPS, User Name and Domain. But whenever I progressed further from this step, I used to face below error –
CRM Outlook PlugIn Issue - Part 2
On searching hard for the solution, I finally ended up comparing the UAC settings of both the users on server. Bingo!!! there I found one hope as the account for which the outlook integration failed was covered under User privileges whereas the previous one had Administrator privileges.
Changing the UAC settings and re-executing CRM Outlook plug-in worked flawlessly thereby, providing all the features of Outlook integration with Sage CRM.
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