Calculate CST for Quotes through Sage CRM

By | July 17, 2015

By far we all know that by using Sage CRM, we can manage and maintain the Sales process in very efficient manner. Different entities such as Lead, Opportunity, Quote, Orders etc. falling under the Sales process makes it very appropriate from the Business point of view. Since every sales process ends up at the costing efforts, it is very much important to apply/charge the Customer as per the taxes applicable.
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Since Sage CRM’s standard quotation entity does not have any provision to capture or apply the taxes, so recently we implemented this functionality for one of our clients. Here the requirement was to calculate CST amount on Quote level which is applicable when you charge a client who is located in different state as that of yours.
To implement this feature on Quote we followed below given steps.
1. We created CST as Numeric field on Quote entity
2. We created new Translation to configure percentage of CST.
3. Created new Trigger to Calculate CST percentage amount based on Total amount of Quote.
Please refer the below screenshot for your reference
Refer below given SQL Script
On making the necessary configurations, whenever a quote is generated in system. CST amount will be calculated as per the formulae applied on the Total quote value generated by adding the Line items.
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