Calculate CST, VAT and BED Taxes on Sage CRM’s Quote-Items screen

By | July 22, 2015

Hi folks! This article is in continuation of my previous blog where I have explained the logic of calculating CST for Quotes. Below is the URL for the same.  Now through this blog I will be explaining you one of the complex requirement which we recently came across. One our Client had business over many states and since every state has its own tax parameters calculations (i.e. VAT, CST and BED). We had to accommodate these tax values on the Quote items maintained in CRM.
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Before I move forward with my explanation please have a look at below “New Line Item” images.
If you compare above two images only state is different and related tax parameters defined above changes. We used “AJAX” technology to auto calculate tax parameters value based on selected product family and its respective State.
Now on saving above two line item details, “Quote Item” grid looks as shown below.
As you can see in above image respective tax parameter’s values gets calculated individual Item wise. Total tax amount collected is shown in “Total Tax Amount” field and final amount with added tax value is shown in “Final Amount” field.
To build this functionality we have created Triggers on Quote and Quote Items entities which calculate the CST,VAT ,BED values and stored the same.
Happy Scripting 🙂
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