Views and Reports on relationships in Sage CRM

By | February 9, 2016

In Sage CRM Relationship tab is available in all Primary entities this functionality allow us to create “one to many”, “many to one” and some reciprocal relationship between the data. Using the relationship and its related views we can create reports from various entities.

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In today’s blog, we will see how we can create/execute reports based on the available views. To add new relationships in CRM user have to navigate to below path Administration| Data Management | Manage Relationship type.

The data of relationship entity is available in tables mentioned below.

1. relatedentitylinks
2. relatedentitydata

The relatedentitylinks table defines the relationship between primary entities. And, relatedentitydata hold the information that will create relationship of one record with another. The existing views which are available in Sage CRM are as follows. We can modify these views to add the relevant information as per our need.

1. vRelaCompanyCompany
2. vRelaCompanyPerson
3. vRelaCompanyCase
4. vRelaEntitiesAll

Also, below are some of the exiting reports available in Sage CRM which are deriving data from the above views only. These reports can be found under General category.

1. Related Companies to Cases
2. Related Companies to People
3. Related Company to Company
4. Related Companies to All Entities
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