Mass Update Territory in Sage CRM

By | March 11, 2016

The “Update Territory” function allows you to simultaneously update same fields in selected records within a group. Due to changes in the business structure such as size, geography, type etc companies are required to change its territory. Then Sage CRM Update Territory function can be used effectively.
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In the below Blog we have mentioned the steps to move a Company, Person and related data of the company from one territory to another territory based on the country code, mentioned in the primary Address of the company by performing the following steps.
Here are the steps that Sage CRM System Administrator needs to do to Update Territory.
1) User needs to create a Group of Companies/Contacts within Sage CRM for which Update Territory needs to be performed.
2) Once Group is created user can navigate to the Group Summary screen and select Update Territory button.
3) Now Click on “Update Territory Button” to update the territory as shown in the screenshot below.
Update Territory Button
4) Now Click on “Update Territory Button” to update the territory as shown in the screenshot below.
5) Next screen will show the count of records to move, Select the values and click “Go”.
Summary of potential updated Record
After performing the above steps user will be able to move all the records from the list to target territory.
However , to perform the above steps we need to set “Allow mass update and update territory” to Yes and click SAVE in  Administration |System |System Behavior screen as shown in the below screenshot.
system behaviour
Hence we can move Company, Person, and their child records from one territory to another territory based on Company’s Country Code in the Primary Address of the Company.

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