How to take backup of Act! database

By | July 30, 2016

In our previous few blogs we had discussed about migration of various source CRM date to Sage CRM in which Act! is one of our Source CRM. Migration process starts after restoring the Act! backup provided by customer. In below blog we will discuss about how to take backup of Act! database.
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1. Make sure you have logged into your database as an Administrator user.
2. Go To File |  Backup | Database
3. Click Browse and then browse to location you wish to save the backup file. Give the file name(if desired), then click on Save

4. Decide whether you wish to include attachments by either setting Include Attachments Checkbox to checked or not checked.
Note.  If you are taking backup for our GUMU™ migration process then kindly unchecked this option. JFYI, in our GUMU™ for Act! to Sage CRM migration process we only migrate Document’s link in library entity of Sage CRM. After migration process you can follow process given in below link to view document in Sage CRM.
Migrate your document to Sage CRM using GUMU™
5. Click on Ok to begin backup process.
6. Once the backup complete confirmation message will appear, click Ok to complete backup process.
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