How to create on screen Notification Escalation for custom entity.

By | September 23, 2016

The Escalation functionality allow user to create notification rules for primary entities as well as custom entity in Sage CRM. Escalation rules can contain few conditions based on which notifications can be triggered via Email or on screen messages. If you want to enable Escalation for Custom Entity you can refer Enabling Escalation feature for Secondary Entities blog.

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While working on a project we created an escalation rule for custom entity and notifications also got triggered successfully. But, it was showing an error message on click of notification saying “Functionality Not Available, please consult your system administrator.” on notification area as depicted below.


So, to resolve this issue we followed the below steps:

1. Create an ASP page in “<CRMinstallationpath>\WWWRoot\CustomPages\”. This should be redirected to your desired page.
2. Add the same ASP page name in “Custom File Name” on Escalation screen. Refer below screenshot.


3. Click on Save button. And re-log on in to CRM.
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