User Filter based on Custom field in Sage CRM

By | August 26, 2021

In Sage CRM, dashboard gadgets help us to summarized data from different entities in one place and we can assign a gadget template on the basis of reports. Recently one of our clients came up with a requirement to filter the gadget that should display data on basis of the logged-in user set in the custom user field.

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We have created a gadget against the Opportunity entity without checking a ‘Filter by Current User’ checkbox. So it shows all users on a gadget based on the ‘Assigned To’ field.

Gadget With No Filter
Gadget With No Filter

After that, we have checked the ‘Filter by Current User’ checkbox in a report and save the report. As per standard functionality, it shows the logged in user is filtered into the gadget on basis of the ‘Assigned To’ field.

Gadget With Assigned To Filter
Gadget With Assigned To Filter

But, as per the Client’s requirement gadget should filter on basis of the custom user field on Opportunity i.e. Manager Field.  So we have proposed the below solution,

Follow below steps for the same,
1) Copy and paste below lines of code in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to check Assigned Userid.

select bord_AssignedUserId,* from custom_tables
where bord_caption in ('opportunity','company')
Select SQL
Select SQL

2) So we have update the bord_AssignedUserId column.
Copy and paste below lines of code to update the custom table to display current user.

update custom_tables
set bord_AssignedUserId = 'oppo_manager'
where Bord_TableId = 10
Update SQL
Update SQL

3) Resave the report and check the gadget. Here we can see the gadget were filtered on the basis of the custom user field i.e. Manager

Gadget With Custom Field Filter
Gadget With Custom Field Filter

Note:  To reflect the changes, it is mandatory to give metadata and resave the report on which gadget is created. This filter functionality will apply to all the reports of the opportunity entity where this custom user field is used.

By following the above steps users can filter gadgets using custom fields.

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